Funky Monkey Box
     I love this little monkey logo! He's the cutest! I got this package in the mail a little while ago and I didn't even have to open it to know what was inside! The cute packaging brings life to the box and their branding starts right as you get the product! To me it set the tone as this has got to be fun bright and healthy! Funky Monkey snacks are perfect for kids! All snacks you see on the shelves are either healthy and kids hate them or unhealthy and kids love them! I think I just found a winner for both healthy AND kids will love them!!
Funky Monkey Flavors
      What they do is  freeze-dry slices and real pieces of fruit (not frozen fruit) by a unique process that keeps the smells, taste and nutrients locked in! This process also gives the fruit a nice crunch to it so it's almost like a candy. Each ounce of fruit contains 3 servings of real fruit without the additional sugars and preservatives. I would love to invite you to go to the benefits section of their website to play a little game to show you the difference between freeze dried fruits and heat dried fruit! Plus their whole website is just so upbeat and fun!
Funky Monkey Fruit
funky monkey
pink pineapple
     I had to take a photo to show you the Applemon flavor! You can see it's not some artificial thing that looks like an apple, it really is a real apple slice with delicious cinnamon flavor! The Pink Pineapple was one of my favorites! It tastes like a sweet candy treat and left me wanting more! I think anyone, not just kids, would enjoy these gluten & fat free snacks! They are much more convenient than carrying around whole regular sliced apples and other fruits if you think about it. This way you just carry the little pouch and your still getting your servings of fruit in! Check out their other flavors too! There's bound to be a flavor that will get your tastebuds tingling!

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the apples

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Carnaval Mix sounds like a treat!

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Apple on

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05/24/2013 1:45pm

Carnaval Mix!

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05/24/2013 4:20pm

Carnival Mix looks interesting.

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JiveaLime sounds unique and scrumptious!


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